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Espresso ELN

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Description Espresso ELN

Espresso ELN is a chemistry electronic lab notebook (ELN), available for free in its local database version. It combines simple and intuitive handling with state of the art and beyond interface and functionality and is suited for all organization sizes and needs, ranging from big pharma to universities.


· Automatic stoichiometric calculations, integrated flexible materials database.
· Reaction substructure searches (graphical & SMARTS text).
· IP-protection via digital signatures and event log.
· Automatic experiment self-organization into steps, sequences and schemes.
· Direct ChemSpider link to any drawn reaction component (access to physical data, patents, spectra, etc.)
· Integrated chemical drawing editor, with copy/paste support for ISIS/Draw and ChemDraw.
· SQL Server synchronization (fee based), or local database only (free version).
· High responsiveness, optional server interaction occurs in background.
· Concise, standardized protocols, elements added by the click of a button.
· Intuitive handling: Looks like a paper notebook, not like a database report.
· Insertion of images or PDF directly into protocol workflow.
· Switch experiment view from amounts to equivalents.
· Smoothly zoom into reaction sketch and embedded images for details.
· Easy installation and testing (no server required for full ELN functionality).

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What's new

A new PDF rendering engine is utilized now, resulting in more error-tolerant PDF rendering and allowing the implementation of the new features listed below:
When exporting an experiment as PDF, the resulting document now contains a separate sub-page with direct links to all embedded non-PDF documents (if present). Before this enhancement, it was necessary to open the attachments section of the PDF viewer to access these documents, where it often was not obvious which experiment they belonged to.
The header page of a project archive PDF now contains a section with direct links to all embedded project-level documents (if present). Before this enhancement, it was necessary to open the attachments section of the PDF viewer to access them.

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