Pic Blender Double Exposure Art Photo Blend Editor

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Pic BlendEr app is the superior way to create double exposure and graphic design images in seconds.

Get creative and mix photos together to create your own artistic masterpiece in the palm of your hand.

12 Blend Modes
Blend your images together seamlessly with a variety of blending options are at your fingertips, such as overlay and multiply to the more unique as difference and exclusion.

Foreground Images
Access to a library of over 400+ images that will continuously grows with each update. From categories like Landscape and City to Textures or Smoke, we have a variety of images that will fit your style.

Masking Tool
Efficiently erase areas of the foreground image using In.Fused intuitive and user-friendly masking tool

Exclusive Presets
Discover never seen before filters that will transform your photo into a Classic Camera look or Atrsy RGB look. Add as many filters as you like to a single photo.

Blend Effects
Choose from over 200+ effects such as Light Leaks, Elements, Swooshes even Fire and Smoke & so many more. You can even select from 12 blend modes to make each effect become truly part of your photo.

Movable Effects
New & Exciting movable effects. All custom made effects that you can drag and rotate to the perfect position.

Adjustment Tools
-Vignette (with colors)

A BIG Thank You to Photographer Sid Scott and Super Model Lucerne for allowing us to their photo for the apps preview video.
To see more of Sid’s work give him a follow on Instagram @sidscott
Check out and follow @aslucerne on Instagram

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Tag your photos with #picblender for a chance to get featured!

Thank you so much for your love!
We are aways listening, email us for any support..

You Rock :)

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  • OS: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


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