NightShot Pro - Night Shoot Artifact with Video Noise Reduction

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2 years in the making, NightShot Pro professionally reconstructed night filming technology. With real-time noise reduction while shooting, no matter how low the lighting, NightShot Pro can produce clear and bright night-time footage. It boost brightness instantly while produces natural results without loss of detail.

NightShot Pro fully implements long exposure to improve video definition by up to 10 times. Using the all-new “Aidie” artificially-intelligent camera operation process to automatically adjust and display sensitivity, shutter speed and white balance in real time, it fully emulates the skill of a professional camera photographers. All you need to do is to ensure the camera is stable, and press the “record” button.
Main Features:

1 The excellent Aidie (Artificial Intelligence Derived ISO and Exposure) AI camera operator automatically chooses the optimum exposure settings. You will get brighter, clearer videos and photos even in low light.

2 Professional manual camera controls: direct swiping to control exposure, ISO, focus as well as white balance.

3 Noise reduction in real-time while shooting. Noise reduction amount can be adjusted.

4 Automatic Exposure Control; Flash and low ambient light – adapting during the shooting.

5 Night Mode: Instantly Boost Brightness while preserving image detail.

6 Auto Mode: Live-Preview Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance.

7 Zoom Control: Intuitive gesture control of zooming.

8 You will get better photography design with 3x3 screen grids.

9 One-click switching between front and rear cameras.

10 Support SMS, Email and Facebook sharing.

NightShot Pro always focus on what you concern. Try it out NOW!

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email:

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