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Description Guess My Age  Math Magic

Amaze yourself. Then amaze your friends.

The "Guess My Age - Math Magic" app presents you with a sequence of 7 tables of numbers.

You just simply answer yes/no to the question "Is there any number that matches your age?" for each table.

Then, the application surprisingly tells your age accurately.

It is a good math trick to play among your friends or family.

Try to figure it out. It's not too hard, but challenging.

HINT: This is not a simple process of elimination. It's much simpler!

It's amazing and it will give you hours of fun with your friends .

Don't worry. This is not a kind of dark art. try it... "Avada Kedavra!"
Note: "Guess My Age - Math Magic" can also guess any number from 1-99.

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What's new

- minor bug fix

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Palawin Yosintra

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