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Glow Coloring is the first doodle app that allows you to scan in images that you can color in or trace. With Glow Coloring, you can adjust brush pattern, brush size, and color. When you are done drawing your masterpiece, you can save it to your camera roll or email it directly from the app.

Glow Coloring provides you with the ability to add text messages to your colorings. Type a special message to a friend, color it in glowing colors, then email it to them.

This version of Glow Coloring has the following features:

- Ability to import and save background images
- 66 unique brushes to choose from
- 36 colors
- 6 different brush sizes
- In-app email
- Post to Facebook
- Post to Twitter
- Dinosaur coloring page
- Add text messages to your colorings
- Shake to hide menus (shake again to bring back)

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What's new

- Update for iOS 8

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