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Description Cue [D]

*** Play a Unique Mix of Pool and Puzzle ***

A game based on Cue Sports, where you have to strike all the lights and then pot the ball in the hole.

A fun, addictive game with 100 challenging levels.

Each level has limited moves in which you have to complete the level, and depending upon how fast you finish, you are awarded a medal.

You may also Skip a particular level if you wish.

Also share your Score and rank on Game Center! Earn 5 points for each Gold medal, 3 for Silver, 2 for Bronze and 1 for Rookie!

"'Cue [D]' Brings Futuristic Digital Pool to iOS" -

"I recommend checking out Cue[D] if you are a fan of puzzles and pool. It’s a unique mix that works out well" -

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Localized for 2 new languages:
- Turkish
- Italian

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