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Local moves with you when you use Eniro! The popular and free app has moved from being a search tool for company details and personal contact information to a smart and intuitive shortcut for everyone who wants to enjoy everything that the local neighborhood has to offer.

Dive into our “Discover” function and get a perfect overview of everything in your vicinity; new stores, great restaurants, historic locations, interesting Wikipedia entries and other inspiring stuff. We will show you everything of value from your vicinity based on your position on the Eniro map.

And don’t forget that you can share tips from your everyday life! Upload images and texts and share your stories on upcoming events, offers, favorite restaurants and awesome shopping.

In the Eniro app you will find:

- Discover function that presents the local area in a detailed and image centric view, incl. restaurants, Wikipedia posts etc.
- The possibility to share tips and other inspiring events
- Thousands of restaurant, bar and hotel reviews from Eniro, Tripadvisor and Yelp users
- Book your hotel directly in the app
- Updated restaurant search with new inspirational filters
- High resolution maps including aerial, hybrid (both road names and aerial) and sea charts as well as street view
- Easy integration with Eniro Navigation, which gives you free of charge GPS navigation
- Caller identification. Block unwanted calls! Via the app you can choose to block numbers or unknown numbers for instance.
- Avoid traffic-jams! Activate live-traffic to see which roads to avoid
- Road descriptions
- Explore bicycle routes all over Sweden
- Automatic number look-up, which you can save to your phonebook
- Fast design with the map as your starting point

The app will ask for permission to check incoming phonenumbers that you do not have in your address book (calls and texts). This means you will automatically see who is calling or texting you. Please note that we do not read or save any information - we just check the number for you!

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What's new

I behov av lite inspiration? Nu har vi lagt till Evenemang under vår populära Upptäck nära-funktion. Håll koll på vilka Facebook-evenemang som sker i din närhet just precis nu. Allt från nöjen, sport, föreläsningar och seminarium till politiska möten, fashion-events, konstutställningar och litteratur-aftnar. Vi har också uppdaterat våra användarvillkor. Läs här [create link of "här" if possible,]

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