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Description Super Cooler-CPU Cooler

Super cooler is a CPU cooler, which monitor CPU temperature and detect overheating apps. By killing heavy resource consuming apps, you can reduce CPU usage, cool down phone and extend the battery usage.Super cooler has the following features (TOTALLY FREE):

✓Real-time Temperature monitoring
Monitor CPU temperature in real-time manner. Display the temperature using live curves.

✓Detect overheating apps:
Auto detect overheating apps with special algorithm, find the most resource consuming apps.

✓One tap reduce CPU usage:
You can reduce CPU usage and cool down phone with simple one tap.

Unlike other CPU cooler, we have our special algorithm, which can cool down phone more efficiently. Our overheating protection algorithm make your phone safer and battery saver. Our goal is to make super cooler the best CPU cooler in the market.

What causes phone overheat?
Overheating can occur after prolonged use of high resource consuming apps or games, or while running many apps simultaneously. Some problem apps using excessive hardware access can cause overheating too. So you need a CPU cooler to monitor your phone.

What are the harmful effects of overheating?
High phone temperature can cause your device to respond slowly or to crash. Prolonged overheating can accelerate the aging process of your phone, shortening the lifespan of your battery. More seriously, though, continued prolonged periods of overheating may lead to potential security problems.

If you have any questions about SUPER COOLER - CPU COOLER , please email us at:

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What's new

1.Fixed some bugs caused by overheating;
2.Improve cooling performance;
3.Optimize persistent cooling animation effects
4.Fixed some minor bugs

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