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Pick 3 Pro Lottery Daily Number Game Tracking App
Play Smart ! Play To Win !
With Apps designed to help your Daily Number Lottery game play.
Enter and save your states winning Pick 3 daily numbers.
You can load and track statistics data for your Pick 3 Lottery winning number history.
This Android app gives you the number of games since every ball has been picked.
It tracks all lottery game numbers 0-9 in order, the 1st, 2nd and third ball picked.
The app also tracks the games played since all doubles were picked for balls 0-9.
Any triples that have been picked, all 28 possible pick 3 sums. Boxed wheels for
all pick 3 sums. Tracking for all front and back pairs. New in Version 3.0 total picks
stats for all numbers by pick position. Tracking for Pick 3 game results with all numbers
matched by type all Odd, Even, High and Low.
It can also display your daily picked numbers up to 3000 games.
And it will compute and show the lottery number stats for well over 10,000 saved games.

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What's new

Version 2.2
Updated boxed doubles history search.
Added front and back pair tracking.
Version 2.6
App adjusts small screen device text size.
Bug fix in Doubles Triples tracking view.
Version 3.0
Tracking for all odd, even, high and low games.
Total picks for all numbers 0-9.

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