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Contacts, SMS Backup & Restore app will help you to backup all your phone data like Contacts Backup, Call Logs Backup, SMS Backup, Apps Backup and Book Marks Backup and restore same data back to your Android Phone.

Contacts, SMS Backup & Restore will take backup all your phone’s data and store it in SD Card from there if you wish then you can send that data to Email or you can restore the data whenever you need it.

You need not to worry about losing important contacts from your phone, just use Phone Backup and Restore app to take backup of all your contacts and save them in SD card and send it to Email and you can restore when you need it.

In the same way you can take backup of Call Logs, SMS, Book Marks and Apps.

By using Contacts, SMS Backup & Restore you can save space of your phone by backup and remove some apps that are not frequently used.

- Backup Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Apps and Bookmarks to SD card
- Restore Backup data from SD card
- Restore Backup data from E-Mail.
- Send Backup data to Email
- Quick uninstalling of Apps

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Additional information

  • Updated:
  • Version: 1.2
  • OS: Android 4.1 and up


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