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My Lover's a Thief (Android)
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Description My Lover's a Thief

What does it feel like to run with a band of thieves – and to experience the thrill of making away with priceless artifacts?
Choose your thief and find out!

Story Line:
A new job at a prestigious museum brings you in close contact with a notorious band of cunning thieves, known to the world as “The Black Foxes”. Be prepared to risk your life to help them carry out dangerous missions.

The only way out of this offer? Give up your family ring, and your finger with it…

With no other choice, you accept. Which thief will you choose to assist? And could this all become more than just a thief and his unwilling accomplice?

-PLAY a part in a devilish caper as you converse with thieves and detectives!
-EARN special alternate endings based on the choices you make as you play!
-COLLECT full-color illustrations from the story as you progress! Characters will also email you with updates as you play!
★★The game will be updated frequently with seasonal events, epilogues and more to keep you entertained!!★★

Japanese Equivalent
“My Lover’s A Thief” is the US localized version of “怪盗X恋の予告状”

Android OS 2.2 through 4.4
*Please note, currently our games operate only on mobile devices with SIM cards.
*You must update to the latest version, Ver.1.9, by 1/26/15. Otherwise you will not be able to purchase or restore content from 2/1/15 onward.

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What's new

This updated version being added a bug fix.

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Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.



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