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Face Projector Simulator will allow you to project a picture or a photo on any surface.

Face Projector Simulator is a fun prank app, it will give you a impression that its working like a real projector.

Face Projector Simulator Prank will allow user to take a picture from front and back cameras and project it on any surface so you will get a feeling that whole world is looking at your picture.

Face Projector Simulator Prank will works like a 3D Holograms projection.

You can Surprise everyone! With Face Projector Simulator Prank application

See the face projection of you or your loved ones, anywhere you want, View a face projection on the table, wall or even the sky.

The camera phone on the screen defines a person saves the photo, the flash is activated and the screen gives the impression that the picture is projected on any surface.

Note: Face Projector Simulator or 3D Hologram Prank is only for fun. The Face Projector is not real and does not project any face.

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