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My Contacts keeps your contact list safe and secure.

If you switch or lose your phone, don’t worry! This is how it works:

Take a backup of your contact list:
1. Download the My Contacts app on your phone
2. Press ”Copy contacts” in the app
3. Your contacts are now safely stored!

Transfer your contact list to your new phone:
1. Download the My Contacts app on your OLD and NEW phone
2. Press ”Copy contacts” on your OLD phone
3. Then press ”Copy contacts” on your NEW phone

You can edit your contact list easily on the web at

If you have an old phone, try out our "Transfer Contacts Web Tool” at

The service is free of charge.

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What's new

Thank you for using My Contacts!
What's new in this version:
- Stability improvements
My Contacts makes a safe copy of your contact list and ensures that you never lose your contacts again. You can easily copy your contact list to a new phone.
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