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Did you know that 8% of people read email, but 97% of people read app message notifications? My Camp Link is a must-have mobile app for camps and schools. We offer a simple to use app that will not only give parents and others the peace of mind they are looking for while their kids are away, but also allow your organization to build a sense of community and share your happenings by word of mouth.

Camps and schools will easily, quickly, and instantly be able to share what is happening at their camps with pictures, videos, news updates, voting, messaging, contact info, and more. Users will have this information pushed to their cell phone immediately wherever they are, organized in an extremely simple and eye-catching format. Parents at home will have the ability to access all of the information that they need to know about each of their children, in each of their camps.

Administrators have a separate panel for managing the app.

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