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Description Tap Happy with Gigi

A journey of 1000 s'miles begins with a single tap! Tap Happy to unlock Bliss and Opportunity Knocks so you can level up to access more stories to read while you're tapping Happy. Simple and yet addicting.

What's the point? Tap Happy is like cookie clicker, plus make it rain, plus Gratitude Habit, plus Good Sex, Great Marriage. It's meditation meets zen-like gameplay that's physically stimulating and yet, relaxing. It's a guilt-free Chicken Soup Game that's enriched with heart-warming stories, adorable art, and addicting gameplay. You'll wonder what the point is, and yet, you won't be able to stop.

Tap Happy is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Some might call it a clicker or incremental simulation game. I say it's a delicious multi-layered cake of addicting gameplay that's covered in the icing of success and failure and marriage and parenting and chasing dreams. You'll be addicting to getting the next upgrade until you become engrossed in thousands of lines of stories ranging from AAA game development to raising our Make A Wish child. Click, click, tap, tap - long into the night, and in the morning, you'll awake to Sweet Dreams.

"I LOVE this Game!!! ... a pleasure to play" - Danielle
"Tap Happy is legit" - Matthew
"Euphoric in its simplicity" - Dana
"The level of pwndedness has not yet been seen on this Earth" - Jon

Gigi Games is a husband and wife Indie game development studio whose products are unique, meaningful, and impossible to forget. Whether you’ve loved our products for years or are just now finding us, we're grateful you tried Tap Happy!

Developed by:
Curtiss “Gigi” Murphy
Jenny “Jenilee” Murphy
Kayla “Doodle Bug” Murphy
Jacob “Murph” Murphy

Music by:
Kevin MacLeod (
Eric Matyas (

Tap until your fingers tire, then charge your phone and let Sweet Dreams do the work while you sleep. I'd tried clicker games with cookies, pizzas, minecraft blocks, idle play, pirates, kitties, elves, cats, money, dogecoins, and making it rain, and yet, I couldn't find one with joy, happiness, or gratitude. Fortunately, I'm an Indie ... so I built the game I wanted to play.

With entertaining stories, addicting play, and life-changing wisdom, find out why 200,000 have welcomed Gigi into their lives.

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What's new

A journey of 1000 s'miles begins with a single tap.
The Happiness Update (v 1.2):
- Ads were out of control - Gigi whacked 'em 50%!
- Sweet Dreams made 20-40% sweeter (at all levels)
- Reduced the cost of upgrades by 20-40%
- More tokens! Boosted spawn rate by 25%
Combined, this makes it easier to level, less annoying with ads, and across-the-board faster access to later levels, where there's more stories!

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