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Get ready to be part of the city revolution with Tap City!

Prove your building skills with the stunning tap adventure through the most emblematic cities in the world. Start from a scratch with a quiet residential neighbourhood, and reach the summit building the most impressive skyline that humankind has ever seen.

Progressing in our hard world has evolved to an amusing journey. Don't worry about aggressive rival strategies and focus on delighting yourself with the awesomeness of your streets.

And remember, cities are not only about buildings! Cities are also about life, movement and the happiness of their citizens. Discover new vehicles, furnish the streets and clean the air with plants and trees. Every small effort counts when building a legendary capital.

While your city improves, new challenges will arise. Rise your civilization to the top by improving your technologies.

In Tap City you will be able to upgrade your city with 100+ building evolutions, 20+ vehicles to discover and tens of unique city decorations. All these through 50+ world cities from all around the globe with 16 technology upgrades.

The clicker game genre never gave so grateful rewards along with taps. Boost your revenue performance through tapping and receive unique prizes just for playing!

Are you ready, master?

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What's new

- New periodic offers for our best citizens
- New low range coin transaction
- Performance & interface improvements
Do you have any questions? Do you want to suggest a new feature? Drop us a line at !
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