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• Word Search is an addictive brain game with beautiful game play.

• You can choose from easy 5 x 5 games for kids up to extreme challenges of 15 x 15. Choose the difficulty of your Word Search puzzle and start playing it.

• It’s a Multi-Language Word Search Ultimate game. You can choose any language from 17 Languages those are available in the game and enjoy playing the game.

• Once you done selecting all options like grid size and language and pencil color etc your board will appear with all words. Now you can start finding the words from the grid. You may find them horizontally, vertically, upwards, downwards, diagonal, Left to Right and Right to Left etc.

• Forget the pen and paper, you'll never run out of puzzles with Word Search Ultimate Puzzle game!

• Playing this game may challenge your brain and improve your brain power

Word Search Ultimate will have below Settings:
• Language Selection
• Board Size (5x5 to 15x15)
• Enable Substring option
• Wake Lock Option while playing the game
• Same or Random Pencil color selection
• Option to choose a constant Pencil Color
• Rounded or Square Pencil tip option
• Number of random words to select from DB

A multi-language word search game in 17 languages: Find below language name and words that are present in that language:
1. English (71759)
2. Türkçe (47674)
3. Deutsch (46091)
4. Español (16395)
5. Ceština (65090)
6. Dansk (39276)
7. Greek (19892)
8. Suomi (62990)
9. Français (80714)
10. Magyar (82557)
11. Italiano (55532)
12. Nederlands (63206)
13. Polski (68324)
14. Português (51850)
15. Românian (33670)
16. Russion (33404)
17. Svenska (77289)

Note: All 17 language user interface labels were translated in Google Translate, so they may not be %100 accurate. As I don’t speak many of the above 17 languages, the words in their respective database table may require custom filtering.

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  • Updated:
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • OS: Android 3.0 and up


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