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"Kiki Fish" is a cute game, where you control little terrified fish Kiki.
It's really simple, you pull from Kiki's tail and throw it forward for an adventure!
The goal is simple - long time ago Kiki has lost all the sea stars it had, and it is up for a journey to get them back.
Ocean is dangerous, but fear not - Kiki's fate is in your hands!
Avoid sea urchins and collect as many stars as possible while you enjoy the story.
There are 42 fun, exciting and sometimes crazy levels including ones from Arctic Adventures Expansion, plus a challenging survival mode that can keep you playing for hours!

- 42 levels and 2 episodes (3rd coming soon)
- Advanced 2D physics engine
- Throw fish in different directions, it is fun!
- Unique Game Mechanic and Simple Controls
- Great music/soundtrack
- Power Abilities like Frozen Ice Star and Armor Bubble
- Super Challenging Survival Mode
- Super smooth Game

1) Pacific Adventures
2) Arctic Adventures
3) (coming soon)

Kiki lives under water, and as bird can fly with it's Tiny Wings, Kiki Fish tries to swim with her Tiny Fins, and she is really funny and cute tiny fish!

If you are a fan of one tap Action games or Adventure Games, and like game mechanics present in like Tiny Wings, Tiny Bee, Cut the Rope, Saving Yello or Jetpack then you should love Kiki Fish! It's incredibly Addictive action game.

If you have kids, make sure to show Kiki to them! Youngsters will love it, as it is really great game for kids!
Your Kids will love it! Kiki is brought to you By "Games for Kids" and "Free games" Underwater labs devisions.

Game is suitable for everyone including: preschool kids, school kids and others (It's also a part of Udnerwater Labs free preschool games and children collection best)
Main Categories: free games, action games

"Kiki Fish is a challenging and addictive game. It should keep you hungry for more." -

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Game works great on most of android phones, we've tested in on samsung, xperia x8, sony ericsson, htc wildfire, nexus e.g.
If you still have problems, we're happy to assist, just contact our support team.

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