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An arcade-style sequel Angry Fly Adventure by USOApps is now available as a universal app for iPhone & iPad. This iOS game, with gorgeous graphics and action oriented gameplay, is easy to understand, but hard to master.
This is not a game that was quickly thrown together! A lot of thought and work went into every single feature and move, and that will be immediately obvious when you open the game.
Very easy to learn controls - in the lower left corner there is a joystick, with the help of which you’ll operate your character. In the lower right corner - buttons for shooting (rockets, bombs, gun), boost & landing. Start the game and play immediately.
You need to go through all the levels, kill all your enemies, get as many points as possible.
Are you ready?

✔ Addictive game and funny characters, you will love it...
✔ Loads (35) of tricky “Killer” levels, increasing in difficulty
✔ 100% fun for everyone☺
✔ Weapon store using your earned virtual cash, nine different types to choose from
✔ Gorgeous graphics & unique music - a feast for your eyes and ears
Unleash the Fun!!!
We hope you will enjoy our game, like we enjoyed creating it.

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