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Please guy you are doing a good job,i salute you,but can you make this app compatible with kindle fire and windows please do that.
God bless.
vaillant us Sep 30, 2013
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This is an amazing app that is finally available for Android after having been on iOS for quite a while.

It is just like iTunes, but for maps, and really makes it easy for me to get a map I need for my Android when I want it. I use it mostly for overseas travel and the odd recreational activity.

Great app. Everyone should have it.
James Morrison us Sep 30, 2013
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Welcome to EVERYONE, a very nice NEW VERSION Android app ( Shaz Plus ) is available in the Google Android Market to install and enjoy playing , but you can also install another application (Tablet Ebay) & Shaz Plus
Shaz gb Sep 28, 2013
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The Kids can play around while we are sitting in a restaurant. The alert was fired in realtime after my boy has left the area - Great!
Excelent de Sep 28, 2013
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i bought the jovision DVR expecting to monitor my cameras through my android device...

cloudsee won`t install.. it says.. in not compatible... how will i view my cameras then???

please make your app compatible to Toshiba AT300...
Alvin Chua ph Sep 28, 2013
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  • Business
  • By: Longterm
  • Updated: Jan 05, 2013
  • Ver.: 6.0.11
  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 3850/13
Always connecting failed.
chan us Sep 27, 2013
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Amazing yes i got a real time experiance to develop my own application beautyful workshop conducted in0Shridi sai engg college
Narendra kumar C in Sep 26, 2013
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Very interesting app. Installed while on business trip to New York and watched CoziTV in airport, really liked it. But upon returning home to Dallas only channel was CW33. It does appear they are adding more channels and can't wait to travel more with this app. Sure makes it simple to catch few live TV channels and great app for us road warriors. Overall, thumbs up!
Sue Woody us Sep 26, 2013
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bought the app yesterday.. but there are no levels, no exercises and no meanings... all empty.. Why?
Sabine de Sep 26, 2013
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a Melhor rádio que eu já vi,Estão de Parabéns.
Marcos br Sep 25, 2013
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Awesome app for Indian car enthusiasts :)
Samuel in Sep 24, 2013
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nice app if you want your food very quick. Good service. Many restaurants in chain.
sharad in Sep 24, 2013
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  • Tools
  • By: mindedges
  • Updated: Mar 07, 2014
  • Ver.: 6.4
  • Price: Free
  • Downloads: 91/0
Great app. Made me more productive
rohit us Sep 23, 2013
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I like this player. It`s simple and fashionable!
Alex ua Sep 23, 2013
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I have used many applications related to mumbai train and bus service and found that all of them have something missing. This applications fills many of the gaps that other application have.

The key features that I like about this app are

1. Ability to search buses from one area of mumbai to another area of mumbai. The applications available on android market provide search only from one bus stop to other bus stop. This is a great feature of this application. If you want to go from andheri to chembur, you can search all the buses which passes from andheri and chembur both.

2. It provide estimated bus fare and distance which all other applications lack at this time.

3. If there is no bus available from one stop to other stop which is very common, it breaks the journey. It shows which bus to take from source bus stop, where to switch bus, and which bus to board to reach final bus stop. This is the best feature about this app, I think.

4. It shows all local trains available from one station to other within a time range. It also shows that from which platform you need to board on train at what time, and when you will reach to destination.

5. In many cases we want to go from one station to other which are not on same line. If you need to go from one line to other line, the application will suggest the right stop on which you should switch the line. This feature of this application is very powerful which many other android app of this category lacks.
Ramnivas in Sep 22, 2013
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