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American Presidents - History Reference & President Date Calculator

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Want to know more about the American Presidents? Check them out in American Presidents - History Reference, which covers every president from George Washington to Barrack Obama.

Learn what years they presided over, who was their vice president, which party they were part of, who they were preceded and succeeded by... Know the major accomplishments of each president as well. This history reference will give you a good guide of each President of the United States of America.

Official images of each president are included with each president.

President Date Calculator Included:
Want to know who was president at a certain date? Use the President Date Calculator! Simply enter the date you are curious about and the app will let you know who was the President at that time! If multiple Presidents preceded over that year, it will let you know.

Also included in the app are videos showing off all the presidents. Showing images, and history of each.

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American Presidents - History Reference & President Date Calculator / iOS

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