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Shopping list CDE

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The Shopping list replaces your shopping list on paper. No more forgotten shopping list at home, thanks to the app you have it wherever you go.

Simply create your shopping list on your iPhone / iPod Touch. More than 500 articles have been deposited in the application. This article list can be easily extended. Articles may be arranged into categories or shops and can be provided with units and quantities. The shopping list can be shared via email and may be imported on other iPhone / iPod Touch.

In addition, notes can be added to each article. An article is crossed out by simply tapping on it. For faster creation of the shopping list, the 20 last articles can be displayed and added individually.

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What's new

- improved UI in iOS 7
- Article search with alphabet side bar

Additional information

Developer CDE - Competence Center for Embedded Solutions

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Shopping list CDE / iOS
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