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Bomba App Sana

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¡Azota la fiesta en estas Navidades con la Bomba App! Esta es la versión sana de la Bomba App sin malas palabras. Aquí encontrarás Bombas Puertorriqueñas y un cancionero completo de canciones navideñas de Puerto Rico. Esta incluye:

• Cancionero de Navidad
• Bombas de Hombres contra Mujeres
• Bombas de Mujeres contra Hombres
• Bombas Navideñas
• Bombas Patrióticas
• Comparte la Bombas por Facebook, Twitter, Email, y Textos
• Marca tus favoritas
• Haz búsquedas fácilmente
• 125 Bombas en total
• Diseñado para iPhone 4 y 5, iPod Touch, y iPad

Evítate el pasme y que no te canten "no sabe na" en estas Navidades. ¡Saca la Bomba App para que seas "el show" de la noche!

Esta es la versión sana de la Bomba App, ósea que si quieres una versión con malas palabras, busca en el App Store por la “Bomba App” (

La versión regular de la Bomba App contiene Bombas picantes con malas palabras, Bombas de Melin y Melambe (doble sentido), Bombas de las Muchachas de Mi Barrio, y Bombas sanas.

Compra la Bomba App,
y apoya su talento,
pero apúrate ya,
y no seas tan lento.

••• ENGLISH •••
Be show of the night during the Puerto Rican Christmas parties with the Bomba App! This is the non-profanity version of the Bomba App. This App has a collection of Puerto Rican Bombas and Christmas songs.

“La Bomba Puertorriqueña” is an energetic and fun tradition of Puerto Rico during the Christmas season and “Bombas” are fun rhymes that Puerto Ricans say after the song. Normally Bombas are clever, funny, and have a great rhyme.

• Christmas Songbook
• Bombas for Men against Women
• Bombas for Women against Men
• Christmas Bombas
• Patriotic Bombas
• Share Bombas via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Texts
• Mark your favorites
• Search with ease
• 125 Bombas total
• Designed for iPhone 4 and 5, iPod Touch, and iPad

Don't be caught without a Bomba, or else the crowd will sing that you don't know nothing (I'm serious, they will sing that!). So be prepared to say your Bomba with the Bomba App!

This version of the Bomba App has no profanity or crude humor. If you want the regular version, search the App Store for “Bomba App” (

The regular version has Bombas with bad words, Bombas of “Melin y Melambe” (pun intended), Bombas of “Las Muchachas de Mi Barrio”, and Bombas with no profanity.

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What's new

Corrected handful of Bombas.


Additional information

  • Supported OS: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish
  • Size: 14.80Mb

Developer Eli Pagan

  • Platforms: Android iOS Mac OS
  • Apps: 5
  • Free: -
  • Paid: 5 ($9.95)
  • RSS: Subscribe
  • Downloads: 17 / 0
  • Rating: 5.0/5 (2)
  • Activity: 158 days ago
  • More from developer (5)

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Bomba App Sana / iOS
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Be star of the night during the Puerto Rican Christmas parties with the Bomba App! This is the version of the Bomba App with bad words. This App has a collection of Puerto Rican Bombas and Christmas songs. “La Bomba Puertorriqueña” is an energe
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La Bomba! es la primera aplicación social de bombas puertorriqueñas donde podrás disfrutar de diversas bombas, someter las tuyas y compartirlas con tus amistades a traves de Facebook, Twitter, Mensajes SMS o por correo electrónico. Podrás
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At the beep you must pass the bomb to the next player, you must keep the iDevice horizontally if you shake too much the iDevice the bomb will explose.
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English Top 200 Entertainment category (Dec 2012) Featured as Best App of the Week by EL NUEVO DIA December 2011! Mentioned as a Boricuazo achievement by El Boricuazo at El Circo de la Mega Next time when someone in a party yells ¡
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