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TUN.ko Installer

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TUN.ko installer automates the loading of tun module that is required by VPNs like OpenVPN or DroidVPN.

Before rating please remember that we did not compile the modules from our database. We are only collecting the modules that users are submitting to us. So if its not in our database or the file in our database does not work for you then you need to wait until someone uploads a working tun.ko for your phone.

Before downloading this app please visit this page to check if your phone's kernel, model and build number matches an entry in our database:

Your phone's model, kernel and build number should match for the module to work. Even if you find your phone in our list it doesn't guarantee that it will work it just raises the possibility that it will be able to find a compatible module. DO NOT ASK IN THE COMMENTS TO FIX THE APP SINCE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE APP. IT SIMPLY MEANS THAT THERE IS NO TUN.KO FOR YOUR PHONE OR THE ONE IN OUR DATABASE IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PHONE.


If it says "Path to tun.ko is not found" it means that the app cannot find the path to your tun.ko because its possible that tun support is COMPILED WITHIN YOUR KERNEL.

Phones with built in tun support:
Samsung Galaxy Y - GT-S5360
Cherry Mobile Orbit/Gigabyte GSmart G1310
Samsung Galaxy Pro
HTC T-mobile myTouch 3G
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy S M110S

Using TUN.ko Installer
1. Make sure you have a rooted android phone.
2. Click the install button to check if we have a working tun module for your device.
3. Wait for the installation to finish. If we do not have a tun module just try again later.

Submitting your own tun.ko:
1. Make sure tun.ko is already loaded in your device.
2. Click the Share my tun.ko button
3. Wait for the upload to finish.

Do you need a vpn for your android?
Visit our website and check out our own VPN client:

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  • Operating systems: Varies with device
  • Website:Ico

Developer DroidVPN Inc.

  • Platforms: Android
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  • Downloads: 19,501 / 4
  • Rating: 4.5/5 (17)
  • Updated: Oct 23, 2013
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TUN.ko Installer / Android

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