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My cellars and tastes

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"My cellars and tastes" is a free application to manage your(s) cellar(s) of wines, champagnes, bieres, olive oils, etc.
This application is focused for people which wish manage their input/output, their tastes, their favorites, etc. simply and intuitively on the move/mobility.
No advertising, no community, no server to retrieve data ... just you and your(s) cellar(s) ;)

★★★Some user reviews★★★
★ 5* - 1 august 2013
"Great App! This app has a simple (yet powerful) interface to handle all your bottles... Exporting and importing the data is a real important feature...."
★ 5* - 30 March 2012
"Ergonomic and with updates bringing more and more !"
★ 4* - 6 July 2012
"A but simple but has everything you'd want"

★ Describe a bottle by its name, appellation, country, region, etc..
★ Identify a bottle by its barcode and its photo. The barcode is not used to retrieve data from a server, but found a bottle in your cellar.
★ Customize your bottles colors (or type) with assigning a color of the palette
★ Add notes and rate by bottle.
★ Manage placement of the bottles in your cellars with your shelves.
★ Keep a record of your "Bottles without quantity"(i.e. with a quantity to 0).
★ Find the bottles in the form of aggregated statistics by vintage, color, country, capacity, year of maturity, rating, etc..
★ Search for a bottle by text, voice or barcode.
★ Enter the field name, appellation, domain, country and region in self-completion with the information already entered.
★ Have a link with the Contacts application fields for suppliers and producers
★ Duplicate easily forms
★ Import / Export of your bottles in CSV format
★ Association of many varietals, dishes and tastes in a bottle
★ Retrieve quickly the last 10 entries
★ Backup and restore your data with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
★ Move the application and/or database on the SD card to save space on your device

★★★Other information★★★
★ The Android associated widget allows you to add a bottle in your cellar or find a bottle faster.
★ You can manage barcodes with the applications "Barcode Scanner", "QuickMark", "QR Droid" and "Goggles".
★ You can change the theme of the application at runtime.
★ This application is available in other languages​​: Italian, Spanish, Deutsh and French.

Your feedback and improvements for this application are welcome. Thank you for sending them to the email address:

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What's new

★ 4.2.71 - Fix the problem of the hidden menu to manage pictures (thx to Frédéric for his beta-tests and Frédéric, Arnaud and Thierry for their feedback! ;))
★ 4.2.69 - Icons menu actions more standard, consistent and explicit
More information about the version 4.2:

Additional information

Developer Mathieu BENOIT

  • Platforms: Android
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  • Downloads: 5 / 0
  • Rating: Not rated
  • Activity: 334 days ago
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My cellars and tastes / Android
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