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franco.Kernel updater

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A well established top-100 paid app with one of the highest ratings on the Play Store!

With a beautiful UI it combines a series of powerful tools to manage your device with franco.Kernel.

It's simply the best tool of its kind - managing the Kernel parameters has never been more fun and easy!

Take note that your device needs to be ROOTED. I don't accept refunds if you fail to read this warning.
This application supports the following devices only:
* Galaxy Nexus
* Asus Google Nexus 7 2012
* Asus Google Nexus 7 2013
* LG Nexus 4
* LG Nexus 5
* Samsung Nexus 10
* One Plus One

Supports Android from JellyBean (4.1) up to KitKat (4.4).

* Deep integration with franco.Kernel
* Check for new franco.Kernel versions
* Auto flash Kernels directly into the device without any user input besides requiring a reboot
* Download .zips to be flashed in recovery
* Beautiful UI that follows Google's Guidelines using a great looking navigation drawer
* Interface to change CPU clocks and governor
* Interface to change the CPU governor parameters
* Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly without any "geek" knowledge
* Custom Kernel settings such as: IO scheduler, IO scheduler tuning, TCP congestion algorithm and options to turn logging off
* A powerful tool called PerApp Settings which you can set special sets of options for your favorite apps. For example you want maximum CPU freq when gaming, but low frequency when reading a e-book. With this tool that is possible. Its also very flexible.
* A System Monitor with a beautiful UI courtesy of the developer Christian Göllner
* A simple File Manager to flash boot.imgs and Kernel .zips on the go from anywhere inside the sdcard
* Color and Sound control for selected devices pending Kernel support
* CPU temperature available in the notification bar
* Many more options

If you desire to help out with the app translations please visit this Crowdin link:

Banner and icon courtesy of Lab75

I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given.

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What's new

1 - Major improvements on Per-App Modes
2 - Fixed more bugas :)
1 - Fix bugas with the load color profile functionality for the Nexus 4. The profiles are 100% fixed and you just need to re-import them and re-apply your favourite ones!
2 - Dramatically improve the Settings screen with better explanation of each functionality and properly dynamic text changes
3 - Backend improvements in the Kernel Updater code
4 - Smoother experience scrolling big lists


Additional information

Developer Francisco Franco

  • Platforms: Android
  • Apps: 7
  • Free: 2
  • Paid: 5 ($15.99)
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  • Downloads: 1,058 / 0
  • Rating: 5.0/5 (4)
  • Activity: 12 days ago
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franco.Kernel updater / Android
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