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Barrister Technician App

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Barrister Technician App is an application which can be used by contracted technician professionals who are servicing Barrister clients. The App has various features which will help technicians perform services for us with ease.
Using the App, the Technician can easily: See Available Work Orders in their area; directly accept the work orders they desire assuming they have passed the qualifying tests for the equipment to be serviced; service work order by specifying ETA; submit paper work online; and provides other features related to service. Technicians can specify, at their profile level, their working hour availability, the way they wish to receive payment, submit online W9 information, and manage their Base Address and distance of work area to view available work order in respective area.

Features listing –

> Online Sign UP

> Auto Assign Trips if eligible to service a unit

> Update Trip details like Paperwork submission, mark onsite status, etc.

> Attach documents required to complete a service

> Search Work Orders

> Manage Profile

> View Payment status

> Update Tracking # for returnable parts

> And many more features.

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What's new

Minor bug fixes.
Improved performance.
Implemented different features for active, inactive and suspended users.
Showed important instructions.
Improved submission of PTC (Pending Trip Closure) information.
Fix for RFS Upload (pdf).
Fixed the issue of logout.
Minor bug fixing.

Additional information

Developer Barrister Global Services Network, Inc

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  • Updated: Oct 25, 2014
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Barrister Technician App / Android

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