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MemorizeIt! TrackIt Time Note

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Finally! An app that knows you better than you know yourself! Download this revolutionary tracking and productivity app that will make your life simpler and easier by learning your routines and helping you remember important events and activities.

The first app of its kind, MemorizeIt!, is both Aware and Predictive. It will help you keep track of your life in real time. MemorizeIt! will guess what you want to memorize (based on your past usage) when you open it up, or when you click the “PredictIt” icon, making it a snap to record or remind you of just about anything.

Keeping things under control just got a whole lot easier! How do you want to keep track? Would you like to count, time, add and average your daily routine? Life is full of repetitive actions, like filling up with gas, timing a job, taking supplements/medicine, eating, running, etc. and MemorizeIt! can help you by tracking and remembering the information you need. It's also great for remembering details and keeping lists.

So, how does it work? MemorizeIt! will learn about your habits to make it smoother and easier for you to keep track of things in real time. Record the basics in seconds as you go, you can always add or edit the details later! You can also add new things after the fact, so not to worry if you forget at the time!

Would you like help keeping track of your health records, diet journals, travel accounts, budget, planting / harvest records, personal diary or journal, as well as grocery lists, and any other kind of list? You’re in luck! This is the app that will change your life forever, and replace many other apps you are currently using.

The app will start learning about you and your routines immediately and get smarter and more accurate the longer you use it. The app is useful for building statistics that will help you organize and prioritize your life. For example, MemorizeIt! can give you a summary of your food spending habits: "I ate out for dinner 24 times for a total of $1200 averaging $50 each". This app can help you budget and plan just by providing you with interesting and/or useful statistics about your life, available anytime, anywhere, from any device!

Download this time saving app to start streamlining your routines today! Massive productivity is just around the corner!

Current Features:
- Multiple accounts on one device to keep track of your whole family (use a separate account for each of your children).
- Take/edit notes anywhere, any time, on any device.
- Works offline & Cloud Sync when online.
- Add a photo to your memo.
- Intelligent autocomplete for all previously used fields.
- Keep track of what you're doing, with who, where, for how much or with how many, in as much or as little detail as you like.
- Predicts what you're doing based on where/when you are so entering repetitive actions is really quick.
- Keep track of how long you (or someone else for you) is doing something.
- Create simple lists with ListIt or complex lists with NoteIt and a Heading.
- If you connect with Facebook it remembers your friends’ names for easy entering of Who you're with.
- Shows your last 7 memos of each type for an easy glance at what you've been keeping track of (like seeing how long ago you took that medicine so you know how long to wait before taking it again).
- Only shares to Facebook or Twitter if you explicitly tell it to by clicking the f or twitter bird buttons next to the MemorizeIt! button (which only appear if you first connect to Facebook or Twitter in the header).
- Does NOT post to Facebook or Twitter when you sign up or any other time without you explicitly telling it to, even if you sign up/in using Facebook or Twitter.
- Search your life by keyword, friend, place, #hashtag, by Heading/Category, by type of memo, by date range, by day, or view it on a calendar.
- Dynamically created photo Albums: any time you click on a picture the current search setting creates an album.
- Interactive Map of where you were.

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MemorizeIt! TrackIt Time Note / Android
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