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Dropsync PRO Key

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4.5/5 (2)
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This is a license key to unlock PRO features in Dropsync app. Once the key app is downloaded and installed, PRO features will be unlocked. Please keep the free Dropsync app installed.

✓ Sync multiple folders
✓ Sync the whole Dropbox with a folder on your phone or tablet
✓ Upload large files, from 10 MB to several GB
✓ Smart Change Detection. Super fast method to determine file changes that need to be synced
✓ No ads

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What's new

✓ Updated translations
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Developer MetaCtrl

  • Platforms: Android
  • Apps: 6
  • Free: 5
  • Paid: 1 ($5.99)
  • RSS: Subscribe
  • Downloads: 1,272 / 0
  • Rating: 4.8/5 (5)
  • Updated: Oct 10, 2014
  • More from developer (6)

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Dropsync PRO Key / Android

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