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MomentCam is an entertaining app that brings a touch of humor into everyday life.

Just launch the app, take or select a picture and turn it into a personalized caricature. You can even edit faces to add funny features such as beards, glasses, hats, expressions. Then share it with your friends and surprise them, or use it as a portrait on social media websites!

Whether you're a creative mind or simply enjoy comedy, MomentCam will allow you to express yourself in hilarious ways.
The cartoon version of you and your friends is awaiting - if you like cosplay and other manga or anime-related content then you'll love MomentCam. With a daily update to the catalog of caricatures, the fun never ends!

And it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to MomentCam, you can also create a set of personalized animated emoticons that will allow you to make your friends laugh at the hilarious results. If you’re in need of a daily dose of entertaining creativity and humor, no need to look any further.

Too shy to go to an anime or cosplay convention? Such a huge cosplay addict that you can never get enough? Always wanted to see yourself wearing your favorite manga character’s costume? We are always listening to fan suggestions and will gladly put our team’s talent and creativity to use to make sure we’re always entertaining them.

Finally, with the addition of the Momie Mall in our latest update, users can now shop for caricature designs they find entertaining or use their Momie Beans to give to their friends as a surprise.

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● TEXT BUBBLES! The comedy world of MomentCam added a new dimension of fun with the introduction of personalized text bubbles in a recent update.
● EXCLUSIVITY! Feel unique by using your Momie Beans to exchange for special caricatures in the new Momie Mall.
● CONTACTS: Easily create and use a personalized cartoon caricature as profile picture for your phone contacts directly from the app!
● TURN yourself into a hilarious cartoon and emoticons.
● SHARE your caricatures and animated emoticons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat.
● EXPRESS your creativity through new hilarious caricatures every day with our free theme update!
● FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: You can now change the facial expressions of your cartoon in the Face Edit tab to show surprise or that you’re sad, crying, kissing, and many more!
● EXPLORE themes and enjoy the diversity from manga / anime like pictures to pure comedy gold.
● SURPRISE your friends by creating personalized pictures of them and sharing your Momie Beans
● RATING SYSTEM: Rate each portrait to participate in making MomentCam more fun for everyone. The more feedback we get, the more we can cater our creativity to your needs!
● SAVE the entertaining caricatures and emoticons to your SD card.
● JOIN a community of millions around the world who love a good dose of humor using MomentCam.

- ‘…this app is among the best cam apps we have ever tried and we highly recommend it.’
- ‘…a colossal app that lets you create comic like cartoon pictures of you, your friends and anything around you.’
- ‘…thanks to MC I have been creating new hilarious pictures almost every day to share with my friends. Creativity is the limit!’
★★★★★ Philip S., user
- ‘…as an avid cosplay enthusiast, I have spent countless hours browsing through the library looking for manga-like pictures to try to see how I would look if I tried to reproduce them. Still cannot get enough!’
★★★★★ Haley L., user

We are always trying to improve MomentCam and are happy to listen to your opinion. For feedback, contact us at or visit our website at If you want more manga and cosplay themes, or if you think we should implement a feature in a future update, just let us know! Humor and comedy are what makes every day a fun ride.

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What's new

What's New:
1、Introducing the new Momie Mall where you can get special caricatures!
2、You can now set up MomentCam caricatures as mobile phone contacts!
3、Daily notifications to stay updated with the daily themes. You can disable them in the Settings menu.
4、Possibility to share Momie Beans with your friends
5、Fixed various bugs to improve overall stability

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  • Downloads: 49,890 / 3
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (41)
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MomentCam / Android
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