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Nursing students can now prepare for the pharmacology aspect of NCLEX® on-the-go, anytime, anywhere with Active Stack™. This flash card app will help you comprehend the wide breadth of pharmacology knowledge needed to pass your NCLEX and succeed as nurses.

· More than 1,800 interactive flash cards, covering a broad range of pharmacology content.
· Detailed information on the TOP 200 drugs including select prototype drugs for major drug categories.
· Cards can be sorted for review according to drug classification and content focus
· Users have the ability to mark flash cards as correct or incorrect
· Incorrect cards are flagged for remediation
· A score is provided at the completion of a set of cards
· Cards tagged as incorrect can be reviewed for remediation

· Cardiovascular
· Endocrine
· Gastrointestinal
· Hematologic
· Immune
· Infection
· Musculoskeletal
· Neurological
· Pain and Inflammation
· Principles of Pharmacology
· Reproductive and Genitourinary
· Respiratory


· Administration Considerations
· Common Side Effects
· Contraindications
· Food & Drug Interactions
· Generic & Brand/Trade Drugs
· Nursing Interventions
· Patient Instructions
· Precautions
· Prototype Drugs
· Therapeutic Uses

** Note: You don’t need to be enrolled at a school that uses ATI products to prepare for the NCLEX with Active Stack. This app is designed for self-study and test preparation ONLY and should NOT be used to diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition. ATI is not responsible for the use of this application in any manner other its intended purpose. **

Once you’ve used the app, we would love your feedback, so please post a review.

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Active Stack / Android

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