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Multi XL

Updated (Ver.) Price: (3.1.2) Free
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5.0/5 (1)
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Multi XL (pronounced, Multi Excel) is a multi-functional cross-platform application. This app is aimed at bringing flexibility through integrating applicable human desires under the Multi XL umbrella.

Music, Radio, TV, Movies, Weather and Location bundled in one.

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What's new

- fixed in-app purchase processing error
- minor bug-fixes
+ Designed to be Google Cast™ Ready
Key features
- Live Radio (Worldwide)
- Live TV (local content). Android 3.0+
- Movies (local content). Android 3.0+
- Music (local content)
- News (Worldwide)
- Weather Forecast (Worldwide)

Additional information

Developer Multi XL

  • Platforms: Android
  • Apps: 1
  • Free: 1
  • Paid: 0
  • RSS: Subscribe
  • Downloads: 262 / 0
  • Rating: 5.0/5 (1)
  • Updated: Aug 28, 2014
  • More from developer (1)



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Multi XL / Android

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