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Mob4Hire Labs

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Put Your Phone To Work

Let's face it, your phone has more computing power than all of NASA had when you were growing up. So instead of wasting all the processing time, why not put your phone to work while you are waiting for that Oh-so-important SMS and in the process, make a couple of dollars doing it?

Mob4Hire Labs is an application that uses your phones idle time to perform routine tests for clients around the world. Tests are performed automatically and all you have to do is have your phone on.

There is no cost to join and we pay you for each test that is completed on your phone.

Mob4Hire has been a leader in crowdsourced mobile testing since 2007 and has run thousands of test cycles in over 180 countries worldwide

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What's new

android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS and android.permission.SEND_SMS are required for the SMS Beta Test service. This service evaluates the availability and coverage of SMS in your area. You will be paid for each message sent or received but you should ensure you have an adequate SMS plan with your provider. Sorry, the app won't work if you are using SMS with Google Voice
More Bug Fixes.
- Corrected the issue where users could not register their device.

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  • Downloads: 66 / 0
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  • Updated: Sep 19, 2013
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Mob4Hire Labs / Android

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