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Toxic Thinking

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Simple ways to improve your Mental Health and help others at risk.

Simple ways we can improve our Mental Health and recognise people at risk of developing Mental Health Problems.

You can find all of the information in one place. An easy to find guide to Mental Illness issues and an action plan for our own mental health and what to look out for in our friends.

People at risk can be recognised by changes in their Behaviour, Thinking and Feelings. Find out what to look for.

An easy guide to the things our brains need to function properly, simple things like Water, Sleep, Nutrition and Personal Boundaries.

If someone is becoming mentally unwell, they are generally unable to help themselves. Use this App to get assistance early before the problems become more serious.

Also contains information on coping strategies for the family of someone with a mental health problem.

Ideal for students, parents, teachers, counsellors and friends.

Used extensively in schools by Guidance Officers, Teachers, Nurses and Chaplains.

This is the full version of the Toxic Thinking App. It's Free and it has no annoying Ads or Up-Selling.

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  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 6.10Mb
  • Operating systems: Android 2.2 and up
  • Website:Ico

Developer boultons MultiMedia

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  • Updated: Nov 24, 2013
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Toxic Thinking / Android

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