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Exsmokers iCoach

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The Ex-smokers iCoach app is a free and very effective quit-smoking tool. Feel better, smell better and save lots of money! Stop smoking and become unstoppable! The iCoach helps you quit smoking step by step. After filling out the registration form and a short questionnaire you will receive your personalised programme. Every day you will receive tips, access to advice, tailored feedback and tools. The built-in panic button helps you get through those tricky moments when the urge to smoke is strongest.

iCoach is based on pioneering scientific research, clinical experience and the expertise of psychologists and communication experts. Over 40% of those who sign up quit smoking. But the programme is not just intended for smokers who want to quit now. It also aims to inform and help those who are not quite ready to stub out their last cigarette. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and become unstoppable!

iCoach is part of the “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign, a European Commission initiative.

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Exsmokers iCoach / Android
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