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BioSentinel [FREE]

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Unlock your phone or tablet using the most advanced Biometric Security app ever!

Unlock your phone or tablet using the most advanced Biometric Security app the world has ever seen. Developed using space age technology of the future, HTML5, your phone or tablet couldn't be more secure. Your Android phone or tablet will only recognize your personal touch. Amaze your friends and let them try all they want. Works great with parents and seniors too. They'll never crack this one! Revel in their amusement as you make your victim believe the future is here. They can try all they want but will not be able to crack the lockscreen.
How to use the BioSentinel Lockscreen:

The app will not grant access until you touch the secret spot on the screen. To unlock the device, tap one of the top corners of the screen before scanning your biometric pattern.

This app was designed for entertainment purposes only and cannot guarantee the security of your phone. Your device is not technically capable of actually reading your fingerprint, or scanning your biometric signature.

Unfortunately this app cannot be set as the actual lock screen due to limitations in the current SDK. However, as a workaround you can always turn off the pasword for the lockscreen and run the program when you leave the device unattended. We will continue to update this app and will hopefully be able to make it a true lockscreen in the future.
Ad Support:

The free version of this application supports banner ads to help pay for our excessive coffee habits, and the occasional pizza. Please don't block our ads :)
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  • ca Sherry Miller
BioSentinel [FREE]
[5/5] 2012-09-12
This app is awesome. I was able to fool all my friends into thinking I had a new kind of phone that does biometrics :)
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BioSentinel [FREE] / Android
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