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Chess Endings

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Chess Endings is a virtual reference on the most common chess endings.

All the endings presented here are annotated with comments (in English) and they will teach you the techniques in a wide variety of common chess endings and what the theoretical results are (can it be won or is it just a draw).

The app works both as a tutorial to learning endings for new chess players and as a reference for advanced players (do you remember how to play the knight+bishop vs king for example or the Lucena method/position for rook endings?)

Included are also useful statistics on the occurences of the endgames in practical play. This will help you focus on the most often occuring endgames in practical play. Statistics are from the "Fundamental Chess Ending" book.

All endings have been verified by various endgame reference books, and strong engine analysis.
Included examples are:

King+Rook vs King
King+Bishop+Bishop vs King
King+Queen vs King+Pawn (4 different endings)
King+Queen vs King+Rook
King+Bishop+Knight vs King
King+Knight+Knight vs King
King+Knight+Knight vs King+Pawn.
King+Rook vs King+ Bishop
King+2 pawns vs King
King+pawn vs King
King + 3 pawns vs King + 3 pawns
King + Rook + Pawn vs King + Rook (some different endings)
King + Bishop + pawns vs King+Bishop (opposite and same color)

and total more than 30 endings.

You can also customize board colors and share positions with friends by sms, email or social network!

Start improving you endgame knowledge today!

Note: Knowing chess move notation will help you get the most out of this app. All notation is in standard figurine notation.

If you like this app you might be interested in the sister app called "Chess Openings" - search for that on Android market.

Note: the export to pgn file and export to png image feature are only available with android version 2.2 or higher.

If you want to help make a localized translation go to:

more ↓

What's new

Version 1.55 :
* Improved UI
* Some spelling mistakes corrected.
* New hi-res icon.
* New category: Famous endings from real world games (5 endings for now).
* Fixed: coordinates now shown correctly on hi-res devices.


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Chess Endings / Android
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