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Alchemy 1000

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5.0/5 (1)
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The classic puzzle game that starts off with the four basic elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
Mix them together and the fusion creates new elements! Make Santa, a sunrise, or a porcupine!
- 1000 Elements! The best Alchemy experience
- Unique "Hot-Cold" indicator option - Helper tells you when you are close
- Hint System
- Cheats available - You can cheat and unlock elements, if you get stuck

This premium brain teaser provides hours of exploration, creativity and humor! Play and share your progress with your friends! Caution - this game is addictive, do not miss lunch! :)

Some tips:
Can't create more new items? Simply place one or more items to the top of the screen and click the menu "Hint". The hint can be simple (just a number of possible elements) or extended (also see their names). The type of hint can be changed in the "Options" menu. See the in game help menu for full instructions.

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Developer JSV Ventures, LLC.

  • Platforms: Android iOS
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  • Downloads: 2,210 / 0
  • Rating: 4.9/5 (5)
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2014
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Alchemy 1000
  • ru James XP: 32
  • (5/5)
  • 2013-04-13
Only four elements, the four natural elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Even can not believe that everything around us was created by mixing only four of these elements. This new version of the game - in 2013, compared to last here we will see many new things, advanced.

At this point in the game 500 elements - the best result among such games.
There is hint system, its availability was implemented very unusual: special hint-zone in which you can put the elements and then we will know how many new combinations you can make. If you play with simple hints hard, you can enable extended hints by visiting "Options" menu.
Held a job and to improve the management, you have two ways to make new element - just touch two elements one by one or move one element into another. Select "Options" menu to select your way

Classic "Alchemy" - but in a new way!
Alchemy 1000 Review Summary: 5/5 (1)
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Alchemy 1000 / Android

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