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Thank you for 7,000,000 users all over the world!!

Who wants to Play!?
Incredible App!!

You must just knock on the TAMAGO(egg).
That's all!
However, You will get totally hooked on it.

We are not responsible,
even if you have became if tendonitis.

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Developer BAIBAI, Inc.

  • Platforms: Android iOS
  • Apps: 20
  • Free: 20
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  • Downloads: 6,493 / 0
  • Rating: 4.6/5 (14)
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2014
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TAMAGO / Android

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Let's cook "Tamago kake gohan"!(Tamago Kake gohan means "popular breakfast in Japan"). This game makes you addictive with Sound and Effect. You can play this only tapp...
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5.0 (1) TAMAGO!! Rocking combo Tama High busting game. Hit damage when the combo goes. Is also a multi-touch, you could break even more quickly. Get to know what's in touch with that shake the phone. Touch! 100000 times 100000 times Wave! Wave just
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Tamago Dinosaur [Game Introduction] Real dinosaur alive in the egg! Do Let's break some eggs today? Hatch Dinosaur Egg one by one a day! It was born from an egg of five Dragon and dinosaur mysterious of 36 animals! - Look out into Jurassic
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It's finally "Best Tamago" is available in Playstore. In this Tamago is right at the beginning, no more boring youtube link;) This Tamago offers you many features: ...
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Tamago HERO is the best Tamago game. Tamago HERO is the best Tamago game. This is very simple game. But Super fun app for everybody. Also Tamago HERO is fun for everyb...

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