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Chain Reaction

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4.3/5 (3)
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Defeat your mates in this explosive strategy game for 2 to 8 Players.

A strategy game for 2 to 8 players.

The objective of Chain Reaction is to take control of the board by eliminating your opponents' orbs.

Players take it in turns to place their orbs in a cell. Once a cell has reached critical mass the orbs explode into the surrounding cells adding an extra orb and claiming the cell for the player. A player may only place their orbs in a blank cell or a cell that contains orbs of their own colour. As soon as a player looses all their orbs they are out of the game.

Game features both HD modes for larger (Pad) screens and the regular mode for all devices.

Each player can customise the colour & sounds of their orbs. A player can also turn tactile feedback (vibration) on and off.

I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have coding it.

-Matt :)

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What's new

o Alteration to fix NullPointerException during onPause and onSaveInstanceState
Major Features
o New top menu replaces "How May Players?" Dialogue.
o New "HD" Mode - bigger games for bigger screens!
o Don&#

Additional information

  • Updated:
  • Version: 1.5b
  • Size: 0.14Mb
  • Operating systems: Android 2.1 and up

Developer Buddy-Matt Entertainment

  • Platforms: Android
  • Apps: 3
  • Free: 3
  • Paid: 0
  • RSS: Subscribe
  • Downloads: 2,284 / 0
  • Rating: 4.3/5 (3)
  • Updated: Mar 19, 2014
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Chain Reaction / Android

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