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Operation: Precursor

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Operation: Precursor - You play as Neil, a special agent from a futuristic organization that keeps peace across the globe. Neil is taking his first and final stand against a new alien menace. The object of the game is to locate and activate a series of terminals and survive as long as possible against the horde.

The game play in this sci-fi survival game is heavily influenced by classic side-scroller and platforming games, with separate fire and jump buttons on the right hand side and an on screen analog stick on the left. As you play through the game, the size of the horde will increase and new enemies will appear. The enemies will drop various items that will help you survive, like health packs and new weapons. The entire game takes place in one large stage with different areas that include multiple environments and destructible obstacles. Enjoy this sci-fi survival shooter with dynamic music, sharp colorful art, and smooth, fast paced platforming game play. Why slingshot birds at pigs when you could combat endless hordes of alien creatures with an arsenal of futuristic weapons?
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Developer Joseph Aranda

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  • Downloads: 10 / 0
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  • Updated: Mar 19, 2014
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Operation: Precursor / Android

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